Flat vs UP

Let’s escape the paper. We have been saying this since the advent of the PC. Yet it is still here even though we do much more work than ever on our PC’s and laptops.

The Up part of your world on digital screens is for online meetings, creating files for communication of ideas, analysis of financials and other screen centric creative projects that just have to be staring back at you at 90 degrees. This works fine for stand up desks and stand up devices which in the opinion of many health professionals are a much healthier activity if done standing on two feet.

But there are other activities that are best done on a FLAT surface which tends to be about 45 degree from your eye’s line of sight. The paper we review in file folders, printed items that need a review, making handwritten notes and writing items onto a to do list are so much easier to do if we are sitting and using a pen or pencil to make your mark.

Although they are getting scarce, cheques as a form of payment require a flat surface to fill in the lines and dates and make a signature. There is joy and misery in balancing a cheque book depending on your point of view. Wrapping or unwrapping a parcel needs a table, parcels don’t wrap themselves. These activities need a flat surface.

You could put your coffee on the same surface as your keyboard but that is tempting fate. Better to place it on a nearby table where even if it spills onto paper, it’s not a major headache to reprint the paper.

Your weary writer acquired a stand up desk 18 years ago and also bought a flat table for all of the above non-digital activities.

You need a table to park your stuff at least for a short period. It can also serve in a pinch as an extra table for unexpected guests for supper. Easy to do if it has wheels but no wheels also works.

Some tables have a device that allows them to flip longwise up so they take up less room in storage. We have a wide selection of tables that are ideal flat surfaces.

There is no escape from paper and other materials that demand a flat surface. Get a table and sit at it for part of your day and stand at a standup desk for the other part. Your aching back and tired eyes will thank you.

© John Lindsay