In a digital world with the processes we work with getting more and more digitized by the day, it would be easy to assume you will have more time. But for execs at all levels the constant change means more demands for time, from you.

Time is a very precious resource. Time ticks by one second at a time but it seems as if it is flying by faster than this rate. In future blogs we will cover why time seems to go by at different rates for different people.

This will be a hallmark of our store: Not just providing you with products that save time but ideas and concepts that save you time.

Execs have a lot in common with farmers. Like farmers you watch the clock, not to leave or stop work but to get it all done by a deadline. The farmer’s deadline is climate and weather. Crops planned for planting have a very limited time window. Missing one part of the cycle can be very expensive.

Farmers manage a lot of risk and uncertainty and the more productive they are the less they earn. They work like crazy, get a crop into the ground and then work just as hard to get the crop off the ground and into a market so they can get paid. However, farmers get very productive and this reduces prices. They must also contend with weather and in a global market there is always weather somewhere that affects what their personal productivity and management of time.

Execs on the other hand can expect more earnings if they are more productive but that means getting the most out of every minute of time they use to get something done. Not easy and always more time consuming to get it all done than we first assumed.

Here is a reward for wasting 90 seconds reading this note. Einstein’s easy to understand comment on time relativity. Want more distraction? Just think about the “why” part for one second and your day is shot.

“When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity.”
Albert Einstein (sourced from